Recogen will be Supporting World Spine Day 12th-16th October 2018 @Wangsa Walk Mall, KL

We are proud to be at the World Spine Day 2018. There will be free spinal screening by chiropractors and FREE gifts from Recogen! Don't miss the chance to get our goodie bag.

In conjunction with World Spine Day 2018, a 5-day event will be held from 12th-16th October 2018 at Wangsa Walk Mall organized by the Association of Chiropratic Malaysia (ACM). There will be free spinal screening by chiropractors and Recogen will be supporting for the first time this year! Can’t wait for Recogen freebies?? Just come over and support us!!

The Spine

Our spine is the backbone of the body. The spine is the main core and strength of the body in which supports all joints, muscles and nerves, Hence it is very important to maintain good spinal health. Constant moving around, sitting and standing due to work and daily activities add pressure to our backbone everyday. And collagen loss is observed over time. These lead to symptoms like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, joint stiffness, difficult to straighten legs after sitting, difficulty in squatting, bone spurs development, slipped disc etc.

Recogen and Joint Health

Joint health determines the age of the body. So keep your body age younger by maintaining good joint health! Supplement your body with Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) to strengthen your joints, bones and muscles. BCP is sourced from bovine skin and made very soluble in water (hydrolysed). Recogen’s collagen source is from Germany. This type of collagen has very low molecular weight which makes it very soluble in water. Hence very highly absorbed by the body. BCP also contains the complete amino acid profile (high proline and glycine) that is very similar to the collagen found in our cartilage cells. With this it also helps with wound healing and muscle recovery.

Recogen contains 100% BCP and the Gold formula contains additional rosehip extract. Rosehip extract is used for its anti-inflammation properties. This helps to relieve joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Come and join us this week at Wangsa Walk Mall to know more about your spine and how Recogen can help with your spine and body!!

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