October 2023 Bone Joint Health Talk @ Shine Pharmacy Kuching

October Bone Health Awareness Joint Health Talk @ Shine Pharmacy, Jalan Song Kuching

In conjunction with bone and joint health month, Recogen has partnered with Shine Pharmacy to hold a Joint Health talk at Shine Pharmacy, Jalan Song Kuching. The turn out was huge and we had a full house event!


This joint health talk aims to increase awareness of joint aging in all ages especially now with improved technology, people are spending more time on their phones and more time indoors. Stationary postures when using the phone for long hours leads to early joint aging. Also, due to the entertainment we had on our phones, we are spending less time outdoors now. 


Nature’s Healthy Sun Prevents Joint Aging

Natural Vitamin D from the sun is essential for strong bones. By keeping ourselves active prevents early joint aging and muscle weakness. Muscle weakness also leads to joint degradation as joints are not supported well and hence, joint weakness as well. 


Postures affects Joint Health

Postures are very important in keeping our joints healthy. The way we sit, stand and even lying down places an important role in maintaining healthy joints. Lifestyle changes to spend more time outdoors in the morning sun, doing morning exercise like brisk walking helps to strengthen bones and joints. Diet changes to avoid high fat and high sugar content food. Fast food chains are growing like mushrooms and these foods cause weak bones. Not to mention suitable natural joint supplements, to improve joint health and to slow down joint aging. 

骨骼关节健康讲座@Shine Pharmacy,Jalan Song Kuching

配合骨与关节健康月,Recogen 与 Shine Pharmacy 合作,在古晋 Jalan Song 的 Shine Pharmacy 举办关节健康讲座。 出席人数非常多,我们举办了一场满座的活动!


这次联合健康讲座旨在提高所有年龄段的人对关节衰老的认识,特别是现在随着科技的进步,人们花在手机上的时间越来越多,呆在室内的时间也越来越多。 长时间使用手机时的固定姿势会导致关节提早老化。 此外,由于我们在手机上进行娱乐,我们现在在户外度过的时间越来越少。



来自阳光的天然维生素 D 对于强健骨骼至关重要。 通过保持活跃可以防止关节过早老化和肌肉无力。 肌肉无力还会导致关节退化,因为关节没有得到很好的支撑,因此也会导致关节无力。



姿势对于保持关节健康非常重要。 我们坐、站、甚至躺的方式对于维持关节健康起着重要作用。 改变生活方式,花更多时间在户外享受早晨的阳光,进行快走等晨练有助于增强骨骼和关节。 改变饮食,避免高脂肪和高糖含量的食物。 快餐连锁店像蘑菇一样增长,这些食物会导致骨骼脆弱。适合的天然关节保健品也会大大提高关节健康,预防关节老化。

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